National Park Checklist - Map

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Our checklists ❤ adventure!! Proudly show off your travels by marking the parks you've been to, and use it as a reminder to plan your next trip.

📐 Sign measures 8.5" wide x approx. 21"
🌱 Made with reclaimed wood*
🖊 Guaranteed no-bleed marker included**
♻️ Packaging made with 100% recycled material (please recycle/reuse!)
✈️ Fast ship-out times
🌟 100% Natural Cotton - quality primed canvas
™ The Original National Park Checklist by Unfinished Art Studio artists

*Wood ends are always reclaimed which means they will vary slightly in size/color and generally include nails, dents, and small cracks from age and whatever the wood was previously used for - all these things give the wood great character!!!

**If you choose to use a different pen, or lose your marker, circles can be filled in with permanent or fabric markers. (Remember all markers are different!!! Put a small circle in the middle of your first circle to see how it reacts and ensure it will not bleed.)

This artwork is intended for indoor use only.

Kara Vincent Art ™