Light Blue Reclaimed Zip-up Hoodie

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PRE-LOVED | This came to us NWT


WHAT WE THINK THE SIZE ACTUALLY IS: S/M (cropped style) - This is a Capezio (activewear) top, so I'm sure it would pass as a very fitted L.

In an effort to keep with the already solidified theme of recycling materials at Unfinished Art Studio, we have sourced the best pre-owned clothing we could find! These tops are ready to press, all you need to do is choose your logo style! We have black and white logos, with or without "art studio," applied straight or tilted - the choice is yours! 

Our mission is to inspire adventure, with the understanding that we are all infinitely 'unfinished.' We wear this word as a reminder that if we are still here - adventure is still out there. 

*The images on this listing are PHOTOSHOPPED so that you have the most options possible for your custom shirt! Your decal will be perfectly placed and transferred once purchased.